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We are José and Astrid, creators of, passioned travelers and proud owners of a TAO condo.

Rooted in our deep love for travel and as owners of a serene condo within TAO Community, we understand firsthand the accommodation and guidance needs of fellow travelers, and also the challenges of renting out one’s vacation home to other adventurers.

Our journey has taken us across diverse countries, where lodging in vacation rentals has not only provided cost-effective travel options, but also enriched our trips with authentic local experiences that simply can't be found within the confines of a standard hotel room.

However, we recognize that the vacation rental landscape has evolved, sometimes in ways that burden both adventurers and hosts.
Having rented our condo through renowned Online Travel Agencies like Airbnb and VRBO since 2016, we've witnessed how costs have spiraled upwards, exacerbated by regulatory shifts in the Mexican market.

These changes not only inflated expenses for travelers but also diminished returns for homeowners considerably.

Did you know that when renting through Airbnb, you're paying 75% more than what the host actually receives, once fees and taxes are deducted?

We believe this imbalance is unfair.
Travelers deserve transparency and affordability, while owners should reap the full rewards of their cherished spaces.

This conviction sparked the creation of
We envisioned a site that redefines the rental experience, fostering direct communication between travelers and hosts, free from the confines imposed by the rental platforms.

No more restrictive conversations. Embrace the opportunity to tailor payment terms, schedules, and policies according to your needs.

Furthermore, enjoy the advantage of receiving the owner's insights about the area and exclusive tips only locals know.

Beyond facilitating transactions, we're reviving the spirit of human connection that's at the heart of true hospitality.

With our foundation rooted in web design expertise, we embarked on this journey to create a hub that empowers you to enjoy memorable getaways while paying zero commission on rentals.

TAOdirectrentals opens up a world where fellow neighbors offer you their own slices of paradise at the most competitive rates you will find.

Contact the hosts of your favorite TAO condos directly.
Your next extraordinary journey begins here and now!